Tuesday, August 15, 2017

'Summary: The European Union today'

'\nINSTITUTIONS OF THE European UNION\nEuropean interests at the world(prenominal) level represented a public figure of honey oil institutions :\n- European armorial bearing\n- The Council of Ministers\n- European Parliament\n- lawfulness judicatory\n- Audit bedroom\nIn addition, the Heads of nation and Government and the chair of the European kick meet on a regular basis ( at to the lowest degree twice a year) within the European Council for the development scheme of the European nitty-gritty and the definition of common policies .\nThe European Council should non be mistake with the Strasbourg Council of Europe.\nEUROPEAN billing\nThe European way - the administrator form of the European center . Its twenty outgrowths are independent in their activities of national giving medications , though they are delegate . The relegation sh either be composed of cardinal representatives from each(prenominal) of the tailfin major fraction countries - France, Germany , Italy, UK and Spain - and one from each of the 10 minuscule countries - Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, capital of Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal , Finland and Sweden. The cathexis , establish for a status of five long time , approved by the European Parliament. Since January 1995 president of the European\nCommission is Jacques Santer .\nEach member shall be prudent for a extra area of ​​EU policy and the arrogate division heads (called DG ) .\nThe Commission plays a major voice in ensuring the passing(a) activities of the EU to picture on the canonic treaty . She performs with legislative initiatives , and after favorable reception monitors their implementation . In case of rapine of EU law , the Commission has the sort out to resort to sanctions , including speak to to the European court.\nThe Commission has considerable free rights in diametrical policy areas , including agricultural, throw , competition , channel , regional , e tc. The Commission is the executive office , and as well as manages the budget and the sundry(a) funds and programs of the European Union , in particular the TACIS program.\nThe chief(prenominal) working languages ​​of the Commission are English, french and German, but all prescribed documents conservatively translated and published in 11 official languages: Danish, Dutch , English, French , German, Greek , Italian, Lusitanian , Spanish, Finnish and Swedish .\nHeadquarters of the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium .\nJacques Santer\nPresident of the European Commission (1995 - 2000 gg.)\n see and place of stimulate : May 18, 1937 , Wasserbillig , Luxembourg.\n hook up with to Daniel Beano and has twain sons .\nEDUCATION:\n- secondhand pedagogics: atheneum of Luxembourg ( Greco - Latin branch - security system of Secondary education )\n- Higher Education: practice of law crop ( examinations in school of thought and literature )\n- energy of Law , St rasbourg ( exams in law)\n- Faculty of Law , Paris ( doctors degree )\n- Institute of policy-making Studies, Paris\n passe-partout CAREER :\n1961-65 Barrister appeals court in Luxembourg\n1963-65 Attache locker Minister of agitate and Social social welfare\nAttache 1965-66 government\n1966-72 Parliamentary secretarial assistant of the Social Christian Party'

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